Discover Corona Virus COVID-19 Outbreak

Discover Corona Virus COVID-19 Outbreak
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Discover the Corona virus COVID-19 Outbreak, this project gives a situation overview of the world. Explore my report for all the latest statistics!

Corona Virus Outbreak is so immense, affecting 210 countries & territories around the globe.

Instruction To View Dashboard:

To view the report in a full-screen kindly click

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(not apply on phones)
placed on the bottom-left side of the report.
For small graphs, select respective graph & then click
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placed on the right upper corner of respected graphs,
This is how you can read full coronavirus stats.


Contents of The Corona Virus Report-

    1. Dashboard showing the total number of coronavirus cases at present.
    2. A country map showing the coronavirus death toll (size of the circle showing most no. of death cases).
    3. Country-wise Information about corona virus.
    4. Full statistics on the types of coronavirus cases.
    5. Coronavirus map on the new upcoming cases (blue colour shows countries got new cases today).
    6. Summary of coronavirus data.
    7. Drillthrough.

The report is interactive showing the live corona virus outbreak.

      • Use filters to view the specified Country record.
      • Many items are clickable in this report. Such as graphs, charts, maps, tables etc.
      • These items show the progress of total, active, recovered, death, serious/critical cases.
      • The report also includes the total COVID-19 tests happened in the respected Countries.

Highlights –

If we talk about official data, the beginning of Coronavirus in individual Countries is as follows:
– On 2 Jan 2020, 1st case registered in China.

– At 11 Jan 2020, 1st death case registered in China.
– On 01 Feb 2020, 1st death registered outside from Mainland China in the Philippines.

For more information about the beginning of COVID-19 see table below:

Country Name First Case Registered First Death Case
China 02-Jan 11-Jan
Thailand 13-Jan 01-Mar
Japan 16-Jan 13-Feb
South Korea 20-Jan 20-Feb
United States 20-Jan 01-Mar
Taiwan 21-Jan 16-Feb
Hong Kong 22-Jan 04-Feb
Macau 22-Jan 0 Death until 17-Apr
Singapore 23-Jan 21-Mar
Vietnam 23-Jan 0 Death until 17-Apr
France 24-Jan 14-Feb
Nepal 24-Jan 0 Death until 17-Apr
Australia 25-Jan 01-Mar
Canada 25-Jan 09-Mar
Malaysia 25-Jan 17-Mar
Cambodia 27-Jan 0 Death until 17-Apr
Germany 27-Jan 09-Mar
Sri Lanka 27-Jan 28-Mar
Finland 29-Jan 21-Mar
United Arab Emirates 29-Jan 21-Mar
India 30-Jan 12-Mar
Italy 30-Jan 22-Feb
Philippines 30-Jan 01-Feb
Russia 31-Jan 19-Mar
Spain 31-Jan 13-Feb
Sweden 31-Jan 11-Mar
United Kingdom 31-Jan 05-Mar

(Source: coronavirus wiki, The Guardian, BBC)

Now, information about how rapid coronavirus spread into the world:

  • It took 67 days to reach 1 Lakh coronavirus cases globally.
  • 11 days to reach 2 Lakh cases
  • 4 days to reach 3 Lakh cases
  • 3 days to reach 4 Lakh cases
  • 2.5 days to reach 5 Lakh cases
  • 2 days to reach 6 Lakh cases
  • Finally, the recent hit of 2 Million coronavirus cases doubling in 12 days.

Also, Now The Total Cases Crossing 2 Million cases Worldwide.
As such now the United States become the new epicentre of coronavirus after Italy.
Stating more than 5 Lakh active cases, beyond 30,000 deaths.

In conclusion

Right now, the best solution for slowing the spread of the virus is by maintaining the significant ‘social distancing’ among each other. Until & unless the proper Vaccine developed & come in the Market. In fact, Harvard researchers say that people may need to practice social-distancing until 2022 without a vaccine.

For any further query and feedback contact us.

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